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Apple Moves One Step Closer To 100% Renewable Electricity Worldwide

Apple already has a relatively decent track record of its own when it comes to reducing its carbon footprint, with the company’s VP of environment Lisa Jackson earlier this year claiming that 93% of Apple’s facilities worldwide run on renewable electricity. Apple has similarly made changes to its manufacturing process and product design to continue reducing its overall impact on the environment.

Global Renewable Energy Capacity Soared In 2015

“Renewable energy deployment continues to surge in markets around the globe, even in an era of low oil and gas prices. Falling costs for renewable energy technologies, and a host of economic, social and environmental drivers are favouring renewables over conventional power sources,” said IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin.

Renewable energy operations drowning in sea of cheap oil

A solar energy company star from Spain with operations in the US capable of producing enough power to supply thousands of American homes, was lauded by President Barack Obama in 2010. "It's good news that we've attracted a company to our shores to build a plant and create jobs right here in America," he said.

World's Greenest Billionaires 2013

Five years ago, the promise of getting superrich from clean tech was in the air. Startup biofuels companies were getting funded at a rapid pace, new solar companies were growing like weeds and the economy was humming. Flash forward to today and most of the solar billionaires that were created in that short boom – primarily at a small number of Chinese companies — are no longer billionaires. Many solar stocks have crashed, taking their founders’ net worth south along with them.

How Cheniere Energy Got First In Line To Export America's Natural Gas

This story appears in the May 6, 2013 issue of Forbes.

Cheniere Energy’s Charif Souki intends to turn the U.S. natural gas boom into a new American export. Chemical company CEOs have allied with Washington regulators to hamper his cause. So much for free markets.

South Korea approves eight coal-fired power plants

South Korea has approved the construction of eight coal-fired power plants in the country, as part of an energy plan that will spread investment among state and private power generators.

Samsung C&T, Tongyang Power, SK Engineering & Construction, and an offshoot of Dongbu Group will build the power plants, reports Bloomberg.

The companies are expected to construct the generating stations by 2027. Investment amounts were not disclosed, but the plants could generate a total of 8,000MW.